We are committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for you - our staff, and our customers.

We encourage you to approach us with any concerns or suggestions you have about the environment you are working in.  We strive to make your time working with us enriching for all involved. 

Hazards come in many forms, and although our Cafes represent a low risk environment, there are some obvious and not so obvious things to be aware of.

These include:

1. Slips, trips and falls

This is the most common risk of injury in a cafe.  Prevention is easy -   cleaning up any spills or breakages as soon as they happen.  If it's too late and someone has fallen, help them in the first instance and call out for our Health & Safety rep or There are plenty of supplies to aid you in this, if you need help ask one of the more senior staff to help you.a senior staff member to assist.  

2.  Cuts

You work in a kitchen, and you cut your finger.  Theres a first aid kit easily accessible.  Our managers will help you.  If the cut is more serious, our managers will help you.  

3. Fire Hazards

We have multiple fire extinguishers installed around our cafes.  During your induction these would have been pointed out to you and explained correct use.  Our managers are properly versed in their use in the event of an incident.  Number one rule is - Dont Panic!  Very worst case scenario our fire warden will evacuate the building following our fire plan.  But this has never happened.  Touch wood.  If you see a fire hazard during the operation of the kitchen immediately point it out to the chef or manager.  Things like tea towels left near an open flame is a good one.  Think fast.

4.  Harassment

You are working in a people industry.  Where there are people, there are weird and wonderful people.  If you working for us you're probably quite cool, and cool people attract attention.  If the attention is not welcome and you are not comfortable communicating this yourself then speak up, we will help.   If you are harassed in any manner by someone in the cafe we will always and happily ask them to leave or change their behaviour or both.   We do not tolerate indecent behaviour in our cafes. It is our right to refuse service based on behaviour and action, and we have no problem doing so.   Our managers and senior staff are well versed in peaceably removing people if required.  Our cafes are small so when this sort of thing happens it is in front of other people.  However, if it goes unnoticed by others you must speak up.  If you are feeling harassed by a fellow worker, please let us know as soon as possible so we can address the situation quickly.  You work closely with people in this industry and it is not always fun, and personalities will clash.  But if you are feeling harassed you must communicate.  Again, we will not tolerate indecent behaviour in our cafes.  This goes for staff, customers or anyone that enters the cafe.  Speak up.  We will listen.  

5. Security

We have installed high quality security cameras for the safety of everyone that enters our cafes.